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Club Learning Learning tools -

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Whatever the weather, Club Learning is there to support you with your learning. We recently commissioned an independent survey on the effectiveness of Club Learning. Below, you will see that with just an hour's work a week, grades improved by over 13%. And don't forget, that if you follow our programme instructions, we guarantee that it will be at least 20% improvement in 12 months.


Club Learning Learning tools: Impact report 2010-11


This report analyses the impact of ‘Club Learning learning tools’ on attainment in the academic year 2010-11.

Statistics were collated over the duration of an entire academic year. The report uses internal data analysis on results within Club Learning learning tools combined with independently verified research from C3 education. 

Overall results improvement 

This report makes a direct analysis between the baseline results at the start of using Club Learning learning tools and the final result values for formative assessments based on an overall average and a breakdown of impact on individual subjects.

 Over 12 month duration...

·         average result improvement using Club Learning learning tools was 8.6%

·         When learners made regular use of Club Learning learning tools i.e. an average of at least one hour per week (or 52 hours over the year), average results improved by 13.5%

 This demonstrates a clear positive correlation between use of Club Learning learning tools and results improvement. This substantiates a 2010 independent assessment of Club Learning learning tools conducted by C3 Education where:

·         87% of teachers agreed that Club Learning learning tools is an effective way to learn

·         79% indicated that Club Learning learning tools is likely to improve results



GCSE Improvement

Significant gains were observed at GCSE with average percentage increases of:

·         Mathematics:                           +8%

·         English:                                   +11%

·         Science combined average:         +12.5%

·         MFL combined average:              +16%

·         Humanities combined average:     +16%

 Subjects with dedicated exam preparation:

·         Mathematics Exam preparation:       +13.8%

·         English Exam preparation:               +7.2%

·         Science Exam preparation:              +14.3%

 Key Stage 3 Improvement

Formative assessment activities at key stage 3 saw results improvement of:

·         Mathematics:                                +6%

·         English:                                        +11%

·         Science:                                       +13%

·         MFL combined average:                   +6%

·         Humanities combined average:          +16%

 “It is clear from these results that once students have access to Club Learning learning tools the removal of the system would have negative impacts on results and lead to a decline in student performance”

C3 Education: An independent assessment of Club Learning learning tools (November 2010)